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Efficacy is of the utmost importance for the maximum return on investment for our clients, and when you work with Web3 Consulting, you’ll see our honed skills for yourself.


We provide all the tools and skills necessary to adequately reach your desired target audience and to manage your online presence, and we cater to your needs to craft a tailored quote particular to you.


We focus on innovative solutions for the online communications sector, delivering excellent results every time through our SEO, PR, social media and content strategy experts.


Web3 Consulting’s founder, Radek Kotlarek, has scouted for particular talent in the online PR and SEO sectors, and has built an experienced team with an excellent working ethic and a dedication to success. We provide all the tools and skills necessary to adequately reach your desired target audience and to manage your online presence, and we cater to your needs to craft a tailored quote particular to you.


Reputation Management
Digital Strategies
SEO Analysis

  • We have a range of industry-leading clients across the e-commerce and PR sector
  • We raise profiles and spread the word, allowing clients to present themselves successfully to an online audience.
  • Web3 Consulting offers a diverse selection of premium services in the online sphere.
  • We also service several Irish clients through our Dublin Office.

Our Team

Radek Kotlarek

Radek Kotlarek

Founder, CEO and Fearless Leader

Radek is a dedicated leader, and cares deeply about that his company and his people. With his background in technology and SEO, he has ample experience to make Web3 Consulting the best in its field. His passion for the digital arena led to his decision to create the company, and this same passion fuels the team to do their best work.

Marta Kotlarek

Marta Kotlarek

SEO Expert and Project Director

Marta has expertise in business and finance, and has considerable translatable skills from accounting to the world of digital marketing and monitoring. Her organisational skills keep the rest of the team in check, and her close analysis of SEO and search result rankings ensures Web3 Consulting remains at the top of its game.

Alix Jones

Alix Jones

Creative Director and Head of Social

Alix is a digital marketing expert, with a knack for social media management and strategy. His career has developed from online content writing to search engine optimisation and reputation management. Working closely with a wide range of clients, Alix is able to use his project management skills to ensure a positive result with every task.

"A good reputation is more valuable than money."

Publilius Syrus

Interesting Facts

% of Internet users see online search as the most trusted source of information about people and companies
% of U.S. recruiters and hiring managers have rejected candidates based on information found online
% of users never scroll past the first page of search results
global searches being conducted each month.


Corporate SEO

Corporate SEO

Our confidence in our abilities to make you a leader in your sector is due to Web3 Consulting’s policy of diligent hard work and commitment to keeping up with the latest SEO techniques. We aim to position your company website on the first page of search rankings and make you and your website the authoritative source of information in your field.

SEO for PR

SEO for PR

SEO for PR is a specialised type of online promotion, and Web3 Consulting offers this niche service to prominent PR firms across the globe. No matter the sector, we bridge the gap between established traditional PR and the constantly-evolving world of online profile management and public relations. Press release SEO, targeted blogging and social media management are frequently part of the PR package we offer to clients, with particular attention paid to each client’s specific needs. We employ a comprehensive analysis of your clients’ online profile to determine the best course of SEO action.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Rather than replacing your input into your communication with your following, we optimise your Tweets, Facebook posts and other social media output to reach the widest audience possible. Building a social media presence can be tricky, but with Web3 Consulting we aim for leadership across all fields, and social media is no exception. We help you beat the competition and really stand out amongst the crowd on Facebook, Twitter and a number of other sites.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Web3 Consulting’s team work with two separate ideas: that of substance and structure. We determine what is required to fully communicate your chosen message to your audience. We then create a structured approach with blogs, adverts, press releases and other content to promote your company in the most effective way possible. Web3 Consulting is happy to either develop a brand tone or work with your existing company house style to create engaging, original content that is SEO friendly. Using our wide-ranging experience and particular insight into search engine’s preference for high quality content, we will form a content strategy to best suit your needs.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

The digital world is increasingly becoming more important for business, with online profiles becoming part of your company’s public face. Much like brand management, online profile management is a significant part of public relations, and by managing this profile, you can control what the public reads and sees about you online. At Web3 Consulting, we understand that the way your online profile is seen is as important as the way that your company is seen in the real world. If you want to control or harness the strength of your online profile, Web3 Consulting has the tools and the skills needed to help you present yourself in the way you wish.

From the Blog

Can Facebook Launch a Search Engine to Rival Google?

facebook-search-featuredFacebook has announced plans to integrate internet searches into its platform, keeping its users as connected to its service as possible. Rather than Facebook fans having to move off the platform to search in Google for a link to content, users will instead be able to search through Facebook itself.

At the present moment, iOS users in the United States have the ability to search for links from within Facebook’s domain, although currently it is not entirely certain if Facebook’s search engine scours the wider web or just finds links already posted to the platform.

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Social Media and the 2015 Election

Social Mdia and the 2015 ElectionSocial media has infiltrated practically every aspect of modern day life and it’s no surprise that the elections today are no exception. Politicians have been upping their digital game when it comes to earning votes in the 2015 election. Winning popularity online is useful for spreading the message of a party and its leaders. However, winning online may not necessarily equate to winning in the polls. Before the votes are counted and a new era of UK politics potentially begins, let’s take a look at how our party leaders have performed on their various social media channels.

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Latest Google Update Rocks Mobile Search Results

One week ago, on Tuesday the 21st of April, Google rolled out its latest algorithm update targetting websites that aren’t optimized properly for mobile. This is the first time in the history of the search engine that mobile optimization has been used as a ranking factor. Fortunately for many, news of the update was released far enough in advance that site owners could prepare if they weren’t already mobile friendly.

For a change, Google was incredibly forthcoming with information regarding the update and even released guidelines to demonstrate best practices. These guidelines have helped countless businesses avoid a penalty in this past week. If your site has suffered then it’s certainly not too late to bring it up to code.

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The Big Impact of Real-Time Technology on Marketing

Periscope-642x421Many people have not yet heard of what is potentially the next big thing in digital marketing and social media. Real-time video has taken the digital world by storm by offering interactivity on a whole new level.

Platforms such as Meerkat and Periscope allow live video to be tweeted, with the potential to generate a marketing buzz being high. Much like Vine and Snapchat, the attraction of short videos is strong, but the key point of this type of technology is that users can connect to people instantaneously and share in live moments.

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Revamp Your Strategy for Social Media Success

imagesThese days the majority of business owners understand the potential benefits of a solid social media presence. It has become increasingly common for businesses to hire someone to manage their social media activity in-house rather than outsourcing it to professional agencies. When social media is approached in this way it opens up far greater possibilities for the entire company to work together and for creativity to flow.

When it comes to the ROI of social media activities, it is fair to say that different companies have of course experienced varied rates of success. Many companies are now gaining a large portion of their business from customers they have accrued through social media. Similarly, many companies are investing a lot of time and resources into social marketing without reaping the rewards.

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The Latest Trend in Digital Marketing?

iStock_000030025780LargeWhen it comes to digital marketing there is always a new trend or buzzword to keep up with. This week there’s a lot of talk about ‘personalised marketing at scale’. Sounds exciting, but what does it mean?

Personalised marketing at scale is basically being able to reach various audiences with a selection of customised campaigns. This means that instead of relying on one single advert to appeal to everyone, different messages are sent out for different groups of consumers. The experts believe this concept will change the way consumers approach and digest media.

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What’s Next for Pinterest?

official-pinterest-logo-tile-300x300This visual discovery and storage website has experienced rapid development recently and is still only five years since its birth at the hands of Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann. Pinterest has evolved from a closed beta site, available to just 5,000 users initially, to a globally accessible site that was listed by Time Magazine in the ’50 Best Websites’ list. Pinterest now has over 300 employees.

By using pinboards, users are able to save images that they find on the web as well as images they have stored on their own devices. Other users are then able to discover these images and save them to their own pinboards. If an image is on the internet then it is possible to ‘pin it’ to Pinterest. There is now the option to share these pins on Facebook and Twitter as they are added to boards.

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