Build the Best SEO Campaign

Technology in the handsHaving unrealistic expectations is the most likely reason for disappoint occurring when it comes to a business SEO campaign. However, there are also a range of other reasons why a campaign might not end with the results that you had envisioned. Knowing what to expect, and being aware of what you have to invest to get the results you want, is key to considering your campaign a success.

If you are running your SEO campaign yourself then you must make sure you have considered the following things. Similarly, if you are hiring an SEO agency, then you need to ensure you communicate with them effectively and be certain that you are on the same page when it comes to the following concepts.

First of all you need to collect all of the data from previous campaigns and also conduct some basic analysis of existing traffic, conversions ROI etc. Only when you can truly see the big picture will you be able to identify where progress can and should be made. There are many analytic tools in existence to help you do this.

Once you know where your focus is going to lie, try to establish realistic goals that can be accomplished in a sensible time-frame. Consider whether you truly need to be in the top spot for every keyword or if a first page listing would actually be good enough exposure. Having a smaller number of important keywords to work on, as opposed to a larger number that includes some less popular search terms, will ensure that you are not wasting resources on your project. A smaller number of keywords will also make the campaign easier to manage and you can always move on to the secondary keywords once your primary aims have been achieved. Remember, choosing the right keywords is pivotal so make sure your research is extensive before you begin.

Content is bound to be an essential part of your SEO campaign but any old article is just not going to cut it. If you’re not writing engaging and creative content then nobody is going to read it. Furthermore, if nobody reads your content then nobody is going to share it and your visitor numbers aren’t going to increase. Organic engagement should be a top priority for any business and one of the most effective and natural ways to do this is with interesting content. The topic of your posts should be something that your customers are actually going to care about and therefore be keen to read.

As mentioned previously, a campaign should not be started without sufficient data collection. This concept extends into the continuation of your campaign and you should be careful to monitor progress frequently. If you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t then you will be unable to tweak your strategy to develop efficiently. When doing so, it is important to consider every aspect of the big picture. For example, if you’ve not yet seen an increase in ROI but your visitor numbers are going up, then this is a step towards success and your current strategy is more than likely working. Even the best SEO campaigns take time and a little patience can merit large returns.