Content Marketing and Customer Relationships

2945411308_3b215fed3c_mIf you frequent this blog regularly then you will often see the topic of content marketing mentioned and praised. In the past few years a solid content marketing strategy has helped many businesses to get noticed in the search engines – leading to better results and bigger profits.

However, as with most things, just jumping on one band-wagon is not going to get you anywhere in the wide world of business. There are several different interlinking aspects of digital marketing that have to be paid attention to. If you have an amazing content strategy but there is still a noticeable wedge between you and your target audience then all of your effort could be for nothing!

Building your business has to be an all encompassing concept and if you negate one area then you could be damaging the effort you have put into other areas. Developing meaningful relationships with your potential customers should be one area that you definitely do not neglect and will tie in very closely with your content marketing strategy.

The unrealistic expectations that are set by a small percentage of incredibly successful companies have many businesses attempting to over-exert their resources. Growth is generally a primary goal of all companies but if this growth is attempted before the business is ready in all departments then it is likely to fail. Making sure you have a strong connection to your existing customers and a positive reputation to draw in new customers will be essential.

Striking a balance between exceptional content and how you encourage the conversations that occur as a result is also key. Always ask yourself if you are producing content that your readers want to pay attention to and, if not, why not? Analyse past content to see what topics have driven the most engagement and then use these ideas to really get a solid idea of who your target audience is. Create buyer personas based on your interactions with your followers and then use this information to create tailored content for each group of people.

Every piece of content that you put out into the digital world should have your customers in mind. If you are not producing something of value for them then you are not producing something worth your time and resources! Similarly, if you are not responding to their comments and listening to their feedback then you are losing valuable insight and opportunities. Let your followers guide you to create the content they want, which will in turn help you to secure new interest and future sales!

By Alix Jones