Is Your Content Social Friendly?

2339119980_c6154ce754_zWhen it comes to content marketing there are several components that it is essential to get right. As well as interesting and unique content, it is also important to get an adequate amount of social attention. If your content is not being shared then it is unlikely to reach large numbers of people. This means that you will miss out on valuable traffic and therefore customers because people simply are not able to effortlessly find your content.

Having a strong social presence will also ensure increased brand exposure which in turn will boost your reputation and your relevance within your industry. This also of course means good things for your SEO strategy as your business will be seen to have more authority than those who are putting less effort and therefore yielding lower results.

When it comes to content marketing there is nothing worse than putting a lot of time and energy into writing something that is only read by a few people! I would not go as far to say that it is a waste of time because you are still creating something that has the potential to be discovered organically over time, however, the true potential of the piece could be lost.

If your content is not being shared as much as you believe it deserves then there could be several reasons to explain this. The most likely is that you just aren’t saying anything original. Nobody wants to read the same tried and tested advice over and over again. People want innovation and new concepts that they can absorb and then decide whether or not they will take this advice on board. This is how meaningful discussions are started and they are a great way to really interact and engage with your audience. Another issue is that your headline or your image aren’t powerful enough to grab the right amount of attention. Once you start to get these things right, you will notice that people share your content without even reading it! This is because they deem it to be of high enough quality to recommend without even getting to the good stuff – the content!

The length of your article might also be a deterrent for people sharing it on their social channels. Unless an article is incredibly captivating, it is unlikely that people are going to read past the first 1500 to 2000 words. Similarly, if it is too short, such as below 400 words, then it is unlikely that it will have enough substance to encourage people to share it. Try to find a good middle ground for the majority of your articles and then you can choose to make shorter or longer posts when you feel they are necessary.

As well as writing interesting content it is also essential that it has some kind of purpose. What is the benefit to your readers of having read it? What is the benefit to the people in their social networks if they were to share it? Ask yourself these questions as you are writing and try to keep a focus in mind. Be useful, be informative and also be entertaining! Try to apply these tips to your content marketing strategy and see if your social presence experiences a surge!

By Alix Jones