Creative Content Marketing for Lead Generation

Content Marketing ConceptThe boom of content marketing in recent years has surpassed several innovative marketing trends. Businesses, both big and small, are continuing to increase the amount of money that they allocate to this particular method of lead generation. There are several more specific reasons why marketers opt for content marketing over more well established ideas. Those reasons range from increasing the natural traffic of a website to having a better ranking in the search engines for relevant keywords. Another popular reason, is of course, to generate stronger leads. However, just because large numbers of companies are investing in this method of marketing, that is not to say that they have all been especially successful.

Are businesses getting results?

It is, unfortunately, only a small number of businesses who can honestly report that this method is working well for them at this time. So, with such discouraging figures for success, why are so many people continuing to invest big budgets in this method? The answer, generally, is that people can see the value of playing the long-game and a strong collection of content, will, over time, be more likely to deliver results.

The best kind of content?

Case studies of successful client projects are the most popular subject for content marketing articles. Second to this is white papers, created by the company in question, and also infographics.

In research conducted by, it was concluded that the average company has procured at least four pieces of original content in the past 12 months for the purposes of content marketing. The same research discovered that company-specific eBooks are the asset that bring the most value when it comes to results.  Infographics are also considered to be widely valuable and are a more engaing form of content for many. Infographics are thought to be of particular use when specifically attempting to drive more visitors to a website.

Creating content

Although it is true to say that several businesses create a large amount of their content in-house, outsourcing this work is also a popular concept. This is a trend that is likely to continue and grow in coming months. This is because those responsible for this task are understanding that they can save time and money by having an industry expert create their content for them. The size of a company is generally not a factor when it comes down to who is outsourcing this task. However, the reasons for doing so may be different. For example, a small company may do this because they do not have the resources to do it themselves, whereas a large company may do so simply to save on the resources that they do have.

Regardless of the success experiended so far, content marketing looks set to stay and it is fair to assume that many businesses will soon be yielding the results.