Digital Marketing Today

Many years ago the concept of online marketing was something that businesses were opting into as an alternative marketing option. However, this has dramatically changed over the last decade with online marketing now being an essential component in the success of any company. Offline marketing continues to be a viable way to extend the message of a business and drive sales, but this almost certainly needs to be combined with some kind of digital effort.

The amount of online activity varies widely from company to company but it is true to say that the majority of business owners are getting involved online. This can be something as simple as having a Facebook page to represent the business or extend to other forms of web advertising. The very minimum that can now be expected of a company is that they will at least have a website. This is a place where potential customers can head to find out more information and preview the products or services that they are interested in. A website needs to fulfil these basic requirements and can of course be much more comprehensive with additional features to better serve visitors.

The amount of money that businesses spend on digital marketing continues to increase as the years go on and people continue to see the benefits. More traditional digital marketing options, such as Google Adwords, are often overlooked in favour of social media advertising. This is usually because social media has the potential to reach a much larger audience for much lower budget. Social media advertising also has the increased benefit of improving trust among your target audience as people follow the recommendations of those in their personal networks.

The advent of online marketing has also made it so much more possible to collect precise results driven data from individual campaigns. With an online advert it is easy to tell how many people have seen the advert, how many people have responded to the advert and how many of these responses have converted into a sale. That is to mention just a few of the amazing benefits of this kind of data. Traditional marketing, such as a television advert or billboard advert are impossible to predict conversion results from because there is no exact way to know how many people have been positively influenced by them.

This modern change in the way businesses sell their products and services is both beneficial to the company and to the consumer. It allows for greater transparency, improved relevance and better results!

By Alix Jones