Encourage Trust to Increase Sales

If like many companies you are utilising content marketing to promote your brand then you will know that getting visitors to your blog can sometimes be tricky. This makes it even more important that you manage to retain the attention of those who have arrived at your blog. If the purpose of your content marketing is to sell something on your site then it is worth evaluating your strategy to make sure you are doing the best you can.

It is easy to get lost in the small details that come together to make one fantastic post and this can be incredibly time consuming. You wonder if your content is engaging enough, if your headline will grab enough attention and if you have chosen the best image to represent your subject matter. However, there are far simpler things you should be sure to include on your site to make sure that you are converting customers.

One of the most important of these things is to be using trust seals. A trust seal is a seal granted by an entity, such as McAfee or Norton, to a business for them to display on their website. This seal demonstrates to the customer that the business they are shopping from is concerned with cyber security and it is a safe place to shop. If someone has landed on your site through an organic search and has never heard of your brand before then how will they know that they can trust you? A trust seal gives them this peace of mind and lowers the chance of them clicking away. Your credibility will receive a boost and your reputation will grow.

In order to gain trust from your customers it is also advisable to offer a decent guarantee on your products. People want to know that they will be able to return something if it does not meet their expectations. You should also make it clear that customers can ask you any questions they have before purchasing a product. They are likely to either do this via your social media pages or directly on your website. Either way, it is best to reply to them quickly and in a professional manner to alleviate any concerns that they may have.

When it comes to making sales, trust is everything and gaining it from your customers should be a top priority within your ongoing marketing strategy!

By Alix Jones