Fresh Ideas for Social Success

7910370882_39d180fb66_zSo you have taken the plunge and made an effort to understand exactly why your company needs to be utilising social media. You have created a strong presence for yourself and you are engaging with new and existing customers. Having started on your social media journey you may now find yourself wondering what you can do to increase your efforts. The potential for business expansion and success is massive across a range of social media platforms; it is imperative to the digital growth of your company that you grasp the various concepts. 

One of the easiest things you can do to extend your social media reach is to spend more time blogging! Posting fresh content on your company blog regularly not only increases the chance of being found organically through a search but it also gives you extra ammo to fire off on your social media pages. Once a week is an adequate amount to be blogging but if you have something interesting to say that will be of use to your readers then it is totally fine to blog more often! If you don’t always have an original idea for a blog post then you can expand on previous posts with a fresh perspective and additional information. Always be sure to choose the perfect image that goes well with your post and one that is also going to attract attention.

Another great way to increase your social media presence, and improve your business at the same time, is to encourage customer feedback. You can do this by either attempting to engage your audience directly on your company social media pages or by posting a link to a survey with more in depth questions. By doing so you will not only gain important feedback that you can then use to tailor the service you provide, but you will also be demonstrating to your customers that you value their opinions.

Infographics are a fantastic way to explain a product, service or concept and they are easily made online. They can be used regularly to offer something different to your social media audience and you will find that people are often keen to share them because they are so interesting and informative.

Finally, a fool-proof way to boost engagement is to offer a discount or special offer on one or more of your products or services. This is the perfect way to reward your existing loyal customers as well as enticing new customers to give you a try. Ensure large amounts of people see what you are offering by spending some money on a paid advert. The ROI potential will generally be worth the upfront cost if you are providing a decent offer on a good product or service!

By Alix Jones