The Fuel of Social Media Addiction

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 14.25.14The rate at which social media continues to develop is even astounding the experts. For the most part, the popularity of online networks shows no sign of slowing. It is fair to say that it is changing the way many of us live our day to day lives and is consuming an increasing amount of our time. Some people are quick to label social media as an addiction, and of course in the case of some users they are correct. You can’t walk down the high street or sit on the train without seeing one or more of the people around you absorbing information from their online social networks. But what is it about this technological advancement that has got us so hooked?

Arguably the most prominent reason that we are captivated by social media is that it gives us endless opportunities for human interactions. It gives a voice to absolutely anyone and serves as a platform for even the most unheard of opinions to be made heard. It is empowering and the potential to spread a message or thought around the world is huge and exciting.

Having immediate access to the things that interest us is another winning aspect of social media. Everyone has their own interests and these can range from the mainstream to the downright weird. Finding like-minded individuals who share your interests can be difficult depending on where you live. Therefore social media opens up a whole new world of possibilities and interactions.

The ability to monetise on social networks for business purposes is another concept that keeps many engaged. Businesses are continuing to see positive returns from social media marketing investments. Therefore staying online and demonstrating that their business is present and up to date with digital concepts helps them to make sales.

Finally, and inevitably, we all know that many people are addicted to social media because they enjoy being able to tell their story to the world. Personal updates, photos and thoughts from the people you care about, all in one place, is one of the main reasons many people use social media sites. Similarly, being able to share their own stories with their friends and family is appealing too.

Worldwide social media users exceeded 2 billion people last year and the figures only continue to grow. 2016 is set to be an exciting year for social media developments as the various platforms continue to embrace and create the innovation their users desire.

By Alix Jones