Google Updates App Results

2909483129_fc38488202_mAs we know and arguably love, Google is constantly developing the way their search engine works as well as their many other tools. The latest planned development from Google, in relation to how we use apps, is to make the process of downloading them an afterthought!

Apps have become an incredibly popular way of getting the information we want with minimal effort. However, sometimes when we are looking for something, having to wait while the app we need downloads can be frustrating. This is especially true if you are trying to get somewhere and want to download an app for tickets or directions.

Google has imminent plans to reveal app content within their search results. This means that information that was only previously available through an app will be available to all. Although Google has actually been indexing the information from apps for several years already, it has only recently began to utilise this information to enhance the user experience. Moving forwards, the user will be able to complete the task they are conducting on the internet and then have the option to download the relevant app afterwards.

This is good news for those who don’t often download apps and have therefore not had access to a range of special offers and discounts. It will also be of use to people who have become used to using only specific apps and have not checked the market to see if there are better options in existence. Furthermore, although many people love to use apps and have a wide selection saved on their smartphones, some people have been less keen to embrace this trend. This fresh change by Google allows those who didn’t embrace the trend to begin enjoying the same deals as those who did!

It is also good news for app developers. It will bring their product in front of a much wider audience as people who are presented with information from an app during a search will then have the option to download it. And, of course, it means good things for Google as people will spend more time using the search engine once they realise the benefits of this development.

However, concerns have been raised as to whether the user will be presented with the most relevant and useful results for their needs. It is most likely that Google will display the results of their launch partners and those who are paying to advertise first and foremost. This is problematic in terms of a genuine user experience and also damaging to those who are only listed in the organic search results. The success of this update is yet to be seen but it initially seems to be a step in the direction of progress, both for the consumer and the businesses it applies to.

By Alix Jones