The Importance of Web Presence

chiclet keysThough the reliance on brick-and-mortar establishments is never likely to cease, the increasing prevalence of websites for company promotion is becoming hard to ignore.

The first port of call for many consumers and companies for information on any product or service is likely to be online. According to leading marketing experts, a huge 91% of adults using the internet are using search engines to find information. With statistics like this, it’s clear that having a web presence is extremely important for business success. Doing a bit of online PR can make revenues soar, simply because a company’s client base is extended to cover the entire globe. Anyone can access the company’s offerings with the click of a button, and this ease of access is proving to be the way of the future.

Building an informative yet interesting website that stands out amongst the crowd is practically an imperative in today’s world of commerce and information gathering. Optimising content for search engines to pick up can propel a company’s reputation, elevating a small enterprise onto a global level more rapidly than any marketing or advertising technique. Should a company want a bit more of a boost than organic search engine results optimisation can provide, there is always pay-per-click advertising, which can put companies’ business at the top of leading search engines like Google with the minimum of fuss.

Using a well-optimised website as a touchstone, more than ever before companies are becoming involved in other modes of communication such as social media. Engaging with Twitter followers and inspiring Facebook likes can add that extra personal touch that companies need to really capture their audience’s attention. Other services such as Pinterest and Tumblr add another dimension to a client or customer connection, with the ability to add photographs to your online portfolio with ease.

Sharing information is far more rapid through social media than conventional letter or email marketing campaigns, and the ability to directly engage with followers – and thus customers – is a boon for sales and awareness. Best of all, these services are all free, and relatively easy to manage with some experience. Marketing techniques can be applied across the spectrum of social media, making them ideal outlets for subtle (or not so subtle) promotion of what a company can offer.

A company seeking a wider audience and a more recognised place amongst the leaders of their industry would do well to have a more established web presence, simply because it has become de rigeur for current times and will certainly be the way of the future.