Integrating Marketing for Better Results

shutterstock_124494250It is becoming increasingly necessary for all digital departments within a business to work closely with one another. This is because the transparency with which a company operates is constantly being called into question and if there’s one thing customers respond well to, then it’s the willingness of a company to bear all. This kind of business honesty can only really take place when certain departments integrate properly with each other. For example, although historically SEO was an aspect that was separate from the PR and Marketing departments, it is now essential that these three teams come together to share ideas, knowledge and plans for moving forward.

When the teams within a company break down the barriers and collaborate effectively, the potential to succeed will always increase. Digital marketing has become much more than any one individual strategy or concept and marketers now have to have a much deeper knowledge of the web than has ever been previously required.

If you work in the SEO department, then you should make it a priority to work closely with all relevant PR professionals and the Social Media Marketing team. Together you will be able to lay-out your teams individual goals and understand how best to combine those goals to reach them simultaneously and more effectively. The keywords that the SEO team has decided upon as the core of their strategy should feature heavily on the social media side of things, as well as any press releases that go out online. This is a great way to build brand awareness as well as to improve semantic association between your target keywords and your company.

In addition to focusing your keyword efforts, you should ensure that the company message is consistent on every platform where you have a voice. If your social media channels are saying one thing about the company’s market presence and its ambitions for the future, but a press release is claiming something different, then this is sending out a confusing message to the public. If a business can be seen to be failing at the very basic level of communication, then the amount of trust a potential customer gives that company is likely to be minimal. By coming together frequently to clarify what this message is will benefit everybody. Also, certain key-phrases can then be reiterated on different channels.

Strong leadership and flawless project management will be great assets when trying to integrate all relevant teams. If the company involved is a large one, then the opportunity for misunderstandings, miscommunications and errors will of course grow. However, with the right people and the right attitudes, what seems like a giant task can actually be the best thing that ever happened to your business.