How to Keep Your Link Building Relevant

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 15.05.09The concept of link building has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Although it was at first a practice that focused primarily on quantity over quality, it is now a much more complex procedure that relies on a solid strategy. This change over time is all thanks to Google’s Penguin algorithm which determines the quality of links.

Link building is something that you as a digital marketer must embrace if you are to see results. Although this may seem daunting at first, it is often only as complicated as you make it.

If you want to succeed with your link building efforts then you must first of all disregard the old spammy techniques of black-hat SEO. Participating in any kind of questionable link scheme is now practically guaranteed to get your website penalised. Paying for links may have been a good idea a few years ago, however now it is sure to equate to negative consequences. So, how can you build useful links to your website that are going to be seen as valuable in the eyes of Google?

First of all, you need to create amazing content that other people will naturally want to link to. A solid content strategy is arguably the best way to draw positive attention to your website and boost its overall authority. Effectively utilising social media to promote your content is pivotal to spreading your content as far as possible. Being original and creative is key here. Nobody wants to read another re-hashed article about the same old topics. However, finding a new angle on a popular topic is a great way to get the hook you need to bring attention to your site.

Secondly, reaching out to other web-masters in order to request that they publish your content on their site is still a good idea. However, you have to still stick to the same rules of quality and user value. You must also do your homework to evaluate whether the site that accepts your guest posting request is really going to be beneficial to you. If they are engaged in spammy techniques themselves, then it is a generally going to be a bad idea to build a relationship with this website. Furthermore, every website that you publish content on will have its own specific audience type. It is therefore essential to tailor your content to the preferences of each audience.

Aim to include both of these activities in your current link building strategy if you are not doing so already. Keeping on top of all the latest algorithm update news from Google will go a long way to helping you stay relevant and successful in the search results.

By Alix Jones