The Latest Trend in Digital Marketing?

iStock_000030025780LargeWhen it comes to digital marketing there is always a new trend or buzzword to keep up with. This week there’s a lot of talk about ‘personalised marketing at scale’. Sounds exciting, but what does it mean?

Personalised marketing at scale is basically being able to reach various audiences with a selection of customised campaigns. This means that instead of relying on one single advert to appeal to everyone, different messages are sent out for different groups of consumers. The experts believe this concept will change the way consumers approach and digest media.

By studying your demographics and doing your research properly, you can create specifically targeted adverts according to the different behaviours, preferences and interests of your audience. The potential of these adverts to make sales and drive traffic is obviously much larger than one generic advert with no specific targeting in mind. These changes don’t have to be massive and even the slightest variation can potentially have an impact on the success of the campaign.

Data on this concept is relatively thin as it is still a fairly new idea within the marketing world. However, with more and more businesses adopting it as a technique, the results will soon speak for themselves. It would seem obvious to most marketing experts that the possibility of increasing sales through such actions certainly exists and should be explored.

As a consumer you are much more likely to pay attention to adverts that speak to you and that you believe you have some connection to. It’s fair to say that the majority of people are likely to be slightly irritated by adverts that they believe have no relevance to them. When something appears in your social network news feeds that you don’t want to see, it takes just one click to make that advert, and all future adverts from that page, go away.

There of course has to be restrictions with this kind of advertising and some companies have failed to grasp that so far. Some adverts can be perceived as too invasive, such as where the consumer’s personal details are used in the advert itself. Although using the name of the individual person you are targeting within your advert might seem like a creative and innovative idea, that person in unlikely to agree. Most people would be fairly uncomfortable with a brand that they possibly have no connection to knowing this kind of information about them. If you are going to give this kind of marketing a go, remember to do your research properly and to respect the boundaries of your target audience.

By Alix Jones