Photo Posts for Fresh Success

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 19.24.17Getting visual with your marketing efforts is a great way to heighten engagement and really catch the attention of your followers and potential customers. However, simply posting pictures isn’t enough if you are trying to drive sales – even if they are high quality, interesting images. There must be a story, a selling point or some kind of call to action in order for these images to help with sales. If you are running short of ideas when it comes to your photo post ideas then allow me to inject some fresh enthusiasm into your marketing strategy!

Understanding what prompts people to like, share and comment on your posts will take you one huge step closer to being able to produce the kind of content they will respond to. Arguably the most prominent reason for sharing something on social media is to inform and influence other people. Everyone likes to talk about the things they are passionate about, and when it comes to social media networks this only becomes more true. People also love to share information online that allows them to show support for people and causes, connect with other people, and also just to show their identities and feel involved with with the world around them. All of these are happening every second on social media platforms, but it is the posts with the relevant, visually appealing images to accompany them that are getting the most attention.

We live during a time when practically everyone that you are connected to online has a camera phone. This means that everyone has the potential to be capturing beautiful images all the time that they can use to promote an agenda, explain a moment or simply to share something with their online network. Photos and other images are actually becoming a language in their own right.

Statistics show that posts with photos gain 53% more likes than those that don’t and 104% more comments than those that don’t. This is not just because they stand out more, but also because they are generally more appealing and fun to get involved with.

Are you still wondering how you can apply this trend to your business? Well, first of all you need to create original photo posts that explain your products or services in an interesting way. You could run a competition that is explained with an eye-catching image or advertise a discount using a collection of your product images. You could also use an original image to offer advice to your clients, such as showing them how to use your products or services in a fun and exciting way. Using photo posts to amuse and entertain your audience is also a great idea and making someone laugh or smile is sure to earn your post a like, comment or share. Whatever you do, don’t rely on stock images. Nobody wants to see the same old photos recycled over and over again for different purposes. Be creative, be original, be brave and let the results speak for themselves!

By Alix Jones