How to Regain Organic Rankings

7460434782_a7858427f0_mIf you’re someone who works in the SEO industry then it might seem as though a month doesn’t go by without noticeable changes to your rankings. If you’ve been noticing a decline in your rankings, sudden or otherwise. then you are obviously going to be concerned about the direct impact of this on your business. Even if your sales aren’t yet suffering, then a drop in traffic can soon equate to such a change.

Keeping a persistent eye on your organic rankings will only do so much as a drop could literally happen overnight. Obsessing over your rankings can often be counterproductive to your aims so it’s good to strike a balance, however, it will always be worth considering the following things if you are experiencing this problem.

It is completely normal for the rankings to fluctuate and this shouldn’t immediately be a cause for concern. Unless your rankings have been low for a sustained period of time then there is every chance that nothing negative has happened at all.

When you bring out a new design of a website, you will normally notice that the rankings of the new site will be lower than the previous one. This is completely normal and practically unavoidable but if you are following best practices then your rankings will soon resume as normal. 301 redirects are one of the most important things to bear in mind when setting up a new site so make sure these are all working correctly.

If like many companies you have previously made the mistake of buying lots of low quality links then you may notice that over time your rankings are starting to suffer. With every new Google algorithm updates comes the need for improved quality and these links will certainly now be doing you more harm than good. Google’s Webmaster Tools are your best bet here as you will be able to disavow all of the links which are causing you harm. As well as this, the best way to avoid this problem is to continue building high quality links and avoiding using any shortcuts!

Sometimes a drop in your rankings isn’t going to be a direct result of something you’ve done but because of a smart move by your competitors. Any business with any sense will continuously be working on their SEO efforts. This means that if you’re not then you are going to fall behind in the game!

To succeed at SEO you need to be consistent, track the efforts of the competition and be sure to put your best efforts and reasonable resources into it. Conducting this in-house if you have an expert is totally fine but if not then bringing in a professional agency is a great idea.

By Alix Jones