SEO for PR: The Best Way to Get Ahead Online

iStock_000016898596SmallPR consultants are constantly seeking new and better ways to access the public and promote their clients. Whilst print is certainly not dying out any time soon, the online world has opened up a whole new opportunity for PR to be successful – or to flounder. To those unfamiliar with the relation between SEO tactics and public relations, the transition from the traditional PR agency methods to the ways of online marketing can be quite daunting.

PR companies are increasingly being required to fulfil multiple roles, that of digital marketer and online specialist, as well as being the typical PR guru. Though most PR experts understand the role of Twitter and other social media in managing a person or brand’s profile, the full range of support that SEO for PR can offer is often overlooked.

The main advantage of SEO is that it allows greater control over the information available online about your clients. Online profile management is essentially the translation of PR to the online sphere, and having a skilled SEO for PR expert on hand to help is vital for presenting the best side of your client to the world.

A good example would be that of a great press article being published in a traditional trade magazine, and due to your hard work it says all the right things about your client. Great! Your consultants are over the moon – your client’s new venture has been promoted to all the right people offline. However, the article’s corresponding online version is languishing on page 3 of search results for your client’s name or new venture, far behind competitors’ press or even mediocre press that your client has had in the past. What can be done to remedy the situation?

This is where the magic of SEO for PR can help to propel your clients’ excellent coverage right to the top of search results. Using solid link building tactics and skilful online promotion through social media, SEO experts can help put your clients to the front and centre of leading search engines. Taking the hassle out of learning all the necessary skills for yourself, SEO consultants specialising in PR can add their years of expertise to your own experienced efforts for maximum benefit.

SEO tactics can extend the reach of your public relations efforts to give your clients a better share of voice, helping them become leaders in their respective fields. By using SEO for PR in combination with the tools already at your disposal – such as traditional press releases and representative opportunities – you can make your efforts more effective and successful.