Social Media and Customer Service

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 14.01.45As annoying as you may think social media adverts are sometimes, there is no denying that developments in targeting options are making them all the more relevant to you as a customer. Digital marketers make no secret of the fact that social media platforms are a fantastic place for them to promote the products and services of their clients. However, this isn’t where the benefits of social media between businesses and customers end. With a well managed social media presence, the potential for amazing customer services exists. Not only is customer service important for retaining existing customers, but when done properly and publicly on social media, it also has the potential to bring in new business.

The technology boom of the last decade has revolutionised the way customer service is conducted. Gone are the days where it is necessary to waste your time listening to questionable hold music while you try to get the attention of the relevant person. It is also not necessary to send a complaint or request and then spend days, week or months awaiting a reply. Now all you have to do when you want to communicate with a company is get online and send them a tweet or post them a message.

When you publicly contact a company online they are obviously going to want to resolve the matter as quickly and as effectively as possible. The last thing they want is for countless other people to see your complaint and to question the quality of their products and services. Contacting a company privately online may not invoke the same fear of losing customers but it will still be quicker than the conventional methods of contact. On the flip side of this, when a customer is exceptionally happy with the a product or service, they are increasingly likely to tell their online social networks about it. This is essentially free advertising for the company in question and it’s great for everyone involved!

Many businesses now offer a live chat service where you can log onto their website and speak to a professional in real time. This is a great way to solve a query or settle a complaint as you have the undivided attention of a company representative. It is the job of this person to respond to your concerns in a friendly yet professional way. It is a great alternative to picking up the phone and means you can even save the information to refer to later.

By Alix Jones