Social Media Marketing and Millennials

Social Media Marketing and MillennialsMillenials are arguably the largest demographic of online spenders at this time. People who fall into this category have been introduced to the internet as they have grown up. They are also now at an age where employment is the norm over education. This means that they have more money to spend than other groups and are turning to the internet in increasing numbers to do so.

Data shows that social media adverts now influence approximately 50% of millennials in the United States. Those who are currently aged between 19 and 32 are observed to trust social media recommendations when it comes to their purchases, as well as celebrity endorsements. In addition, video game adverts are also thought to have quite an impact on the spending activities of this age group. The use and success of text message advertising can also be seen to be increasing, with a rise in the amount of people responding in a positive way to this medium.

Even with the prevalence of online advertising, the majority of people say that they are most influenced by recommendations from a friend or family member. However, this is a fact that can tie into your social media marketing strategy. People are likely to share their customer service experience when they have been happy with a purchase. Furthermore, people enjoy sharing photos of products they have purchased or videos of the products in use. As a marketer, finding ways to encourage customers to share their experiences online is essential to spreading your message in an organic way.

The importance of a strong social media presence is made all the more obvious when we consider that more than 25% of consumers in the United States use advert blocking software. This means that if you are still engaging in more traditional advertising techniques, you could be losing out on a huge chunk of potential customers.

A massive 66% of Millennials between the ages of 19 and 32 have expressed that they consider interacting with friends online just as important as spending time with their friends in person. As the amount of time that people spend online increases, so too does the potential to bring your products and services to their attention.

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By Alix Jones