Social Media Trends of 2015

15347555878_126cc8e018_zIf you are in the small minority of people who believed social media was just another fad and not here to stay, then the developments of the past year have more than likely changed your mind. So far in 2015 many new advancements have occurred in the social sphere that have further reiterated the fact that it is not going away. These days practically everyone, businesses and individuals alike, are embracing social media for the benefits it can bring to them. On the business side of things, social media continues to be an efficient tool for driving customers and increasing sales. Whereas on the more personal side, social media is ever increasing the ease and freedom of global communication.

When it comes to using social media for your business, there are three essential things that you must be doing in order to succeed. First of all, and most obviously, you need a strong presence and the commitment to regular participation. It should go without saying that if you are not social on social networks then you are not going to succeed. Posting updates about you and your brand is going to get you nowhere if you are not also engaging in relevant conversations and getting down to discovering who your client-base really is. Secondly you need to have clear goals in mind and a plan in place to achieve them. Finally, you must have an efficient and coherent way to measure your results. If you are not tracking conversions and interactions then you are missing out on valuable insights. These insights will help you to see what you are doing right and also where you are going wrong.

Let’s take a look back over 2015 so far and see what new social media trends have emerged.

Shopping has come to social media in a big way this year. It is becoming increasingly possible to purchase products on your social networks without leaving the website. Pinterest seems to be dominating this at the moment but Twitter and Facebook are also testing a beta version of “buy” buttons which could be rolled out around the world soon.

This was also the year that social media really exploded on mobile devices. Other smart devices have also seen an increase in social activity, such as accessories for fitness and certain home appliances. The potential for this technology to become even more enhanced is just around the corner and something we will certainly see in 2016.

Another recent development is the ability to send money through your social networks to your friends. This could revolutionize the way we conduct personal banking online, making it far easier to send and receive funds.

All of the aforementioned things are making small but effective changes in the way we use social media, it remains to see what else the digital world has in store for us!

By Alix Jones