Why Does Understanding Search Engines Help Business Success? Part Two

iStock_000000141039mediumNow that we have understood how the online search engine situation has changed in the past decade, we can now evaluate the how these changes affect businesses and their online presence.

The focus on quality content and the punishment of bad content by search engines such as Google means that businesses have to take into account any content that is on their website. Investing in well-written, authoritative content means that search engines are more likely to visit the site and promoted to a higher ranking spot on their results pages. A better spot on Google is likely to contribute to a better return on investment for your website and in turn higher profits for your company. The majority of adults used search engines to look for information above any other information source, making it highly important for people to find your website with ease in the online space.

Having a well maintained and carefully curated social media profile is also incredibly important to making sure that you reach the widest possible audience for your business. The bigger the presence that you have online, the more scope there is for your website to rank higher on Google and for more people to reach your website through social media platforms and search engines.

The difference in how we use mobile devices also means that business sites need to be created with different screen sizes and resolutions in mind. Your business website can now be accessed from anywhere at any time, so it is important that users feel that they can find any information on your website as quickly as possible. The easier it is for a potential client or customer to find the right information through search engines for what they are seeking, the more likely it is that your website and your business will be chosen over others.

It is often said, due to the incredible leaps and bounds made by search engines in the past 10 years, that search engine optimisation is a fruitless task. Why bother catering to a search engine in its current form when in the future – in the next 10 years – it might be completely different? However, there has been a clear trend over the past decade towards better information, more detailed content, and most of all a striving towards more truthful representation online. If businesses learn how search engines have evolved over time, they can better understand how they need to change in order to make their business more accessible to those using search engines online.