The Unity of SEO and PR

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 15.04.38SEO and PR are historically two very separate concepts that have moved closer together in recent years. These are now two business strategies that should generally always go hand in hand when considering the digital success of a company. A comprehensive SEO strategy will always compliment a PR campaign, and vice-versa.

The evolution of online marketing continues to encourage channels of communication to flow more freely, with the potential for cross-promotion also growing exponentially.

One of the most important aspects of both SEO and PR, is exciting and original content that truly captures the imagination and interest of the target audience. The benefits of content marketing are a topic that we are always keen to explain at Web3. If you need to talk to someone about your content needs then a member of our team will always have the time to discuss this with you.

If you work in either the SEO or PR department of a business of any size, and there is currently little to no collaboration between these two departments, then you should make it a priority to rectify this. By spending some time with your co-workers in the other department, you will be better able to understand their roles and the processes that they undertake every day. This will better help you to adapt your job role to be more inclusive of the other.

A lot of the high-quality links that a company earns online will come from the PR department. It should then be the priority of the SEO department to optimise these links and promote them as far as possible. It would be even more beneficial for the success of these efforts if the SEO team gave some guidance to the PR team, both in terms of keywords to target and topics to embrace that would best boost the online presence of the company in question.

Through strong cooperation of both the SEO and PR teams, reaching out to industry relevant influencers also becomes much simpler. Both teams will have different ideas of who the best influencers to target are, as well as their own list of existing and potential connections. The combination of these things is a great way to strengthen an already positive digital marketing strategy.

If you want to learn more about SEO for PR, or understand how Web3 can help you to improve your strategy in this area, then get in touch today for a chat!

By Alix Jones